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Linux port to SGI Indigo2 R10k (IP28)

Here you find patches to the Linux kernel, needed (up to 2.6.25, for Impact graphics up to 4.x ...) to make Linux run on SiliconGraphics' Indigo2 machines with Mips R10000 Processor.
Please consult the contained readme file(s) !


Patches for GCC to build proper IP28, IP32-R10000 kernels
Patches for GCC

Patch for the 4.17 Kernel (support for Impact-graphics)
.tar.gz, 43 Kb, Sep 24 2018

Patches for 2.6 Kernels
Patches for 2.6 Kernels

Patch for the 2.4.30 Kernel
.tar.gz, 44 Kb, Jun 13 2005

XImpact, Xserver (driver source) for IP28

.tar.gz, 57 Kb, Dec 16 2005/Sep 06 2011
This tarball (including recent updates) is based on XFree86 4.2.0.

You can get a finalized module tarball (Jun 27 2006, .tar.bz2 224 Kb / .tar.gz 320 Kb, containing the same driver code) for X.Org Release 7.2 from here
xf86-video-impact-0.2.0, Jun 27 2006,
or from the pub/individual/driver/ directory at some X.Org mirror close to you,
or from the X.org repository xorg/driver/xf86-video-impact
along with the latest comitted changes.
(As long as the above mentioned recent updates have not yet reached the repository, you may get them here:
Patch 1/2 and Patch 2/2 )
Other stuff
pfm, a curses-based lightweight
file-manager for *U*X systems.
.tar.gz, 103 Kb (Apr 6 2016)

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